2016 Yield Monitor Challenge

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Yield Monitor Challenge. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some of the results we received from our customers and harvest data from this year’s test plots. Thanks again to those who participated and your sweatshirts should be arriving soon!
It’s no surprise we received several entries from customers harvesting PB-2024R2’s.

This ‘go-anywhere’ variety has been a proven performer for years from South Dakota to Illinois.
PB-2024R2 averaged 84 bu/a on 118 acres in Boone County, IA.
Prairie Brand 2024R2 Test Plot Results:
  • Eagle Grove, IA          85 bu/ac
  • Madison, SD               84.3 bu/ac
  • Stratford, IA                81.9 bu/ac
  • Forest City, IA            78.5 bu/ac
  • Cylinder, IA                84.7 bu/ac
  • Algona, IA                  82.7 bu/ac
  • Moorland, IA              80.4 bu/ac
  • Buffalo Center, IA      77.8 bu/ac
“PB-2024R2 holds a reputation for high performance in all growing environments”.
Mike Carr, Soybean Product Manager
Click here for the PB-2024R2 tech sheet!
PB2024R2’s in Hamilton County, IA, averaging 86.9 Bu/Ac on 43.5 acres.
PB-2024R2 Test Plot Results:
  • Boyd, MN             76.4 bu/ac
  • Brownton, MN    74.9 bu/ac
  • St. Peter, MN       73.5 bu/ac
  • Savanna, IL          72.1 bu/ac
  • Britt, IA                 75.3 bu/ac
  • Remsen, IA           74.5 bu/ac
  • Hills, MN               72.4 bu/ac
  • Flandreau, SD      71.4 bu/ac


Thank you again to all those who participated!
Your Prairie Brand Agronomy Team