2017 Yield Monitor Challenge – 2nd Blog

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Yield Monitor Challenge. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some of the results we received from our customers and harvest data from this year’s test plots.


It’s no surprise we received several entries from customers harvesting Prairie Brand’s 5825SXRA. This hybrid is known for it’s outstanding multi-year performance! 

5825 tech sheet

5825SXRA in North Central Iowa

Ray Stockseth 5825 Belmond IA

Cunningham 5825 Nora Springs

Prairie Brand 5825SXRA Test Plot Results:

Lake Mills, IA                      235

Kensett, IA                          241

Parkersburg, IA                   264

Belmond, IA                        232

Greene, IA                          252

Anamosa, IA                       285

Radcliffe, IA                        239

Story City, IA                       243

Osage, IA                            279

Oelwein, IA                          240

Waterloo, IA                        264

Bayard, IA                           254

Britt, IA                                261

Eagle Grove, IA                  253

Waterloo, IA                       258

Palo, IA                              268

Palo, IA                              267

Emmetsburg, IA                 289

Easton, MN                        242

Hills, MN                             230

Viborg, SD                          216





Thank you again to all who participated!

Your Prairie Brand Agronomy Team