Are you out walking fields?

As you begin to evaluate your fields and assess recent cold, wet conditions and even snow in several areas, look for disease symptoms from Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia:
-Rotted seed
-Rotted or discolored seedlings after germination or prior to emergence
-Root or hypocotyl decay
Unfortunately at this time there are no real hybrid specific resistances to seedling diseases. I believe seed treatments do a great job of protection for the first few weeks after planting as a general rule. If emergence is delayed and field history is high for soil borne organisms it is worth evaluating stands. Noticed a few concerns here at our demo we have in an area of ponding where a crust built up. Plants are still viable but have approx. 5% leafing out underground. We also have some evidence of frost damage but expect a full recovery.
Great article from University of Nebraska related to evaluating corn stand and emergence.
Frost damage 5 9 17
Pictured above – frost damage, expected to make a full recovery.
Leafed out 5 9 17
Pictured above – leafed out under crust from pond area. Submerged and still viable but yield potential is expected to be reduced. Will monitor for seedling disease.