Are your soybeans protected?

Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) resistant varieties protect yield by reducing SCN reproduction on soybean roots. Resistant varieties are not immune to SCN so a certain amount of SCN does survive and reproduce. Repeated use of the same variety or source of SCN resistance can lead to an increase in a field’s overall SCN population.

The SCN HG Type Test is a greenhouse test that utilizes a soil sample from your field and determines the SCN reproduction potential on seven indicator lines (sources of resistance) and a susceptible line. An index is established comparing each SCN line to the susceptible line. Indicator lines with 10% or greater reproduction would be designated in the HG type for that sample. The hypothetical test in the table below shows this soil sample would result in an HG type 2.5 SCN population. The index percentage gives an indication of the relative level of damage the SCN population can inflict on each of these sources of resistance.

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If your soybean yield on a particular field has hit a plateau and the field has a long history of using SCN resistant soybean varieties an HG type test may be valuable information to help manage SCN. Prairie Brand will be introducing two new soybean varieties for 2019 planting with Peking SCN resistance to add to the extensive line-up of PI88788 sourced lines.


Mike Carr

Soybean Product Manager