Fungicide Application Results Are In!

The results are in from Mark Johnson’s fungicide application:


Notes during the growing season:

Planting date: 4/26/16
Harvest date: 10/6/16
Planting population: 33.5K
Harvest population: 31K
Fungicide trial: the trial had three replicated fungicide strips consisting of 6056 VH with the fungicide applied at V6 (4oz), R1 (6oz) & V6 (4oz), and R1 (6oz), and a check application. The trial is going as planned, so the next step is to wait and watch for disease.
Yield results: Prairie Brand Hybrid: 6056 with above ground only protection
  • Fungicide applied at R1: 232.1, 230, 222.9 for an average yield of 228.3 bushels per acre
  • Fungicide applied at V6: 212.5, 201.2, 198 for an average yield of 203.9 bushels per acre
  • Fungicide applied at V6 & R1: 228.9, 231.9, 232.4 for an average yield of 231.1 bushels per acre
  • Check: 199.5, 195, 188.7 for an average yield of 194.4 bushel per acre


Active ingredients in the fungicide used in this trial:

  1. Trifloxystrobin
  2. Prothioconazole
  3. 1,2-Propanediol


From Mark Johnson (11/11):

In conclusion, I found very little disease pressure and after studying these results, it’s clear to see fungicide played a large role when comparing the check strips (with no fungicide applied) to fungicide applied at V6 and R1. In my opinion, the fungicide contributed to the slowdown of respiration in the corn plant (during the hot nights) leading to the abnormal increases in the results.


There wasn’t much yield advantage between applying fungicide at R1 only compared to at V6 AND R1. I’m not sure the two passes through the field paid for themselves when comparing.


All-in-all I found this trial interesting and beneficial if the grower wants to add more bushels to their bottom-line. If dollars are available to throw more inputs to your crop, fungicide (hybrid pending) may be the route to go!