Hold Tight on Soybean Maturity

The calendar says it is Spring and time to plant corn in the upper Midwest. The soil conditions and short term weather forecast say otherwise.
Fortunately for soybeans, you can stay with your intended maturity well into the month of June in most areas of the corn-belt. Once June 15th passes it is a good idea to adjust maturity by one half a maturity group (2.5 to 2.0 maturity for example). Growers in the far north may want to consider the first week in June as appropriate time to change maturity. Increasing the planting rate by 10-15% is also recommended. Planting after the middle of June will shorten plant height and leaf area. The increase in population will help mitigate the reduced plant growth.
Be prepared, Spring will arrive eventually.
Mike Carr
Soybean Product Manager