How will a change in crop rotation affect future years?

So, it’s April, and the agriculture world is filled with news of crop acreage reports, global supplies, South American yield reports, and 90 day weather outlooks. It seems every year we say “it’s not a normal year”. 2017 is certainly beginning far from normal. Economics of producing and selling a crop are challenging to say the least. Lately, the news seems to be that the American farmer might plant less corn this year over last year. If you have some acres that are in limbo there are a couple things to maybe consider:


  • How will a change in crop rotation affect future years? I know most growers think about this, but having a plan stashed away on paper might not be a bad idea.
  • Consider previous crop history. Look back at disease issues from past growing seasons. Does the soil type benefit a certain crop? Do soybean cyst issues exist? What is the soil pH? The list goes on and on..
  • Does your fertilizer plan need to change? If you’re thinking about planting more corn, what extra inputs do you need? Will you need to budget more financial resources?
  • Finally, maybe the most important factor……what seed am I going to plant?


If you are leaning toward moving some acres over to corn, Prairie Brand still has several of our highest yielding and best suited hybrids for your ground still available.  PowerCore, our newest above ground option, is available to try in certain maturities, but many of our best selling Refuge Advanced hybrids can still be placed on your acre. Several of our tried and true high yielding RR2 soybeans are still in supply if soybeans are your way to go.


Contact a Prairie Brand representative to look at options and to correctly place the best hybrid/variety on your fields. We look forward to the chance to work with you!


Jared Johnson

Western Region Agronomist