Introducing Prairie Brand’s 2018 Power Pick Hybrids

For the past several seasons, the agronomy team at Prairie Brand has selected a lineup of 5-8 elite corn hybrids, released annually after the growing season. They call them their Power Picks – hybrids you could build your corn program around. There’s a fair amount of responsibility in making a claim like this: seed can make the difference between a good year and a bad one. Understanding what’s at stake, Prairie Brand sets some very specific standards. To be a Power Pick, a hybrid has to show that it’s:

  • Consistent – the hybrid has shown the genetic ability to maintain above-average-to-excellent performance across the board – with few to no wild swings from area to area in a field or from field to field.
  • Adaptable – the hybrid has demonstrated the capacity to handle challenges caused by variability in weather and growing environment within a field and throughout the season.
  • Got the “X-factor” – there’s a lot of science in agronomy.. but there’s some art to it too. In addition to the standards listed above, a hybrid just needs to feel right in the agronomist’s gut: Could he see a farmer putting half or more of his acres in it? It’s part intuition, part experience and very much based on up-close, continuous observation.

These hybrids aren’t prima donna that need ideal circumstances to deliver; they’re roll-up-your-sleeves-and-pack-a-lunch pail hybrids that get the vest out of whatever circumstances they’re placed in. These are ones that combine top-end potential with bottom-end protection. The kind of corn you could feel comfortable putting on the majority of your acres.


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