Performance Results from the Story City Showcase Plot!

This year, at the office plot here in Story City we were able to test increasing inputs on 2 hybrids, 5825 and 6247, both SXRA versions.

Overall the plot had good growing conditions. We hit some dry and hot spells, but had more rainfall than some surrounding areas.


We found mixed results when applying fungicide at V5. Next year fungicide application will take place at a later growing stage to check for more consistent yields. The agronomists were able to Y-drop 28% with the help of Prairie Brand DSM, Tom Larson, and 30# of nitrogen at V5 and saw a benefit to both hybrids. Next year they plan to expand this trial using more hybrids.


See results below:



Plot planted: 4/12/17

Plot harvested: 11/2/17

Pre: N=200, P=125, K=125

No disease pressure and plant/ear intactness was excellent

Story City results:

Average June temps: 73.6°

Total June rainfall: 1.4 inches

June Growing Degree Days: 670

June Corn Heat Units: 791

Average nightly temps: 59°


Average July temps: 75.2°

Total July rainfall: 1.37

July Growing Degree Days: 746

July Corn Heat Units: 867

Average nightly temps: 56°


Average August temps: 68°

Total August rainfall: 2.46

August Growing Degree Days: 557

August Corn Heat Units: 744

Average nightly temps: 56°


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