Prairie Brand Enlist Tech Centers

With sprayers rolling across fields this time of year weed control is on many grower’s minds. I have had countless conversations with farmers about the future of weed control in the industry and how we are going to navigate an endlessly changing legal, environmental, and agricultural landscape. Many will shed light on the fact that new chemistries haven’t been introduced into the chemical portfolio for quite some time. Although I can’t argue, technology has been at work. The approval of the Enlist™ trait in corn allows growers the opportunity to use the brand new Enlist Duo chemistry on their farm. Yes, Enlist Duo is 2,4-D, but did you know its not the 2,4-D of old? In fact, it is so different than its predecessor that it could almost be in a different chemical class!


When Dow engineered the Enlist™ trait into crops, a new chemical was going to be needed to satisfy the demands of the EPA and farmers. Enlist Duo has eliminated the volatility, the drift, the smell, the handling, and the cleanout characteristics of 2,4-D the agricultural community has used in the past. The use of Colex-d technology makes this all possible. I could write a novel about how all of this works, but we would rather show you! Prairie Brand is hosting Enlist™ Tech Center tours across our footprint this summer. Included will be many demonstrations, plots, and speakers to answer any of your Enlist™ questions. If you are interested in attending a plot please contact your dealer, District Sales Manager, or the Prairie Brand office.