Side-by-Side Root Treatment Results Are In!

Why Adam chose SabrEx for his Progressive Yield Initiative project?

Within my sales territory, I place products on a wide range of soil types. After discussing the product, I felt it would be for an interesting trial for a PYI project, especially if I could show benefit on improving hybrid performance on dryland acres. I then chose Prairie Brand’s 882RR as a test hybrid, as it is a popular product throughout Central Minnesota.

What is SabrEx?

SabrEx for corn brings the benefits of AMB’siGET Technology package to your corn crop. Tested across the U.S. Midwest under a wide variety of field and fertility conditions, SabrEx for corn has been shown to create more robust root systems, induce resistance to plant stresses like dry weather, and increase water and nutrient efficiency.

The growing season:

2016 started out dry at all testing sites, but that quickly turned. Some areas started receiving rain mid-May, and others waiting until early July. When the rain started, it did not shut off. The plots received anywhere from 28″ to 40″ + of rain for the remainder of the growing season. With the rain, wind and hail damage being present at some of the plots as well.

Root observations at July 6th at V9:

At this particular plot, the combined rainfall May – June was just under 2″. Soil type: sandy loam. From a visual above ground standpoint, the sandy knobs showed equal drought stress and color, whereas the hollows showed a greater color depth of green for the SabrEx treated plants. From a visual below ground standpoint, the treated plants showed a larger root crown and more finer root hairs. When digging out the plants, the treated plants also took more effort to retrieve.


The significant rainfall and weather events didn’t allow the tested product to really show its ability to reduce drought stresses, and therefore increase yields as advertised. Visual inspection of roots did however appear to show an advantage to the treated product.