Soybean P.E.T. Trials

One of the small projects we are attempting this summer involves our P.E.T. (Prairie Brand Elite Testing) Trials and soybean cyst nematode (SCN). Each of our PET locations across the Upper Midwest has from 20 to 40 entries tested in a relatively small area. The small size of these plots helps minimize the effect of soil variations. This provides a great environment to monitor SCN levels between neighboring products.


Agronomy Intern, Wade Peck, has taken soil samples for SCN from select plots after planting. A follow up sample will be taken at harvest to show any change in the SCN level. One of the concerns with SCN is that our current PI88788 source is losing effectiveness as the SCN population in the soil adapts. We can monitor this by soil testing and tracking the SCN level over a period of years.

 Soybean PET