Spring is here, according to the calendar

Spring is here! At least according to the calendar. Looking out the window at a blizzard today in SW MN with a low of 2 degrees tonight, it’s difficult to believe Spring will ever show up.   So what to do on a day like today? For me, it’s time to visit 2018 planting plans. Varieties, hybrids, placement and timing, etc. I am not saying it is time to throw away your whole plan and start cancelling and reordering seed, but maybe time to put a little more thought into the seed you already have bought. Crack open your trusty Prairie Brand product guide and start looking at ratings. Since it is pretty obvious that spring is going to be cool and most likely wet, take a look at the vigor and emergence ratings. Obviously, plant the hybrids with the highest vigor and emergence first.   If it is wet, what are your best drained fields? Do your highest vigor hybrids fit on best drained fields? Some hybrids in my trade area that come to mind are 4396, 5148, 5646, 5825, 6097, 6247, R3334, and 6388. Not saying that other hybrids we sell don’t have excellent emergence, but if I had these in the shed I would probably try to plant these first if soil temps are slow to rise.   None of this stuff is earth shattering news, but it is worth giving a little thought to best utilize the choices you have already but so much effort into making.


Jared Johnson

Western Region Agronomist