We are getting close now!

A few thoughts related to protecting the yield potential of your corn crop. Several things are out of your control (you know what they are), but a couple of things to consider in which you do have control of that perfecting may make a difference:



Planting Depth: When it comes to planting corn, use the 2 inch mark as a guide. The nodal roots will set up around ¾ inch below the soil surface (in most cases) and planting depth won’t change that. We are looking for distance between the nodal roots and seminal roots, or the mesocotyl to have some length. Establishing that root is extremely important, evaluating environmental stress on a corn plant starts with the root system!


Seedbed: I get the need for speed, but matching the planter speed to soil conditions makes a difference. Do what it takes to eliminate row unit bounce if you can. Getting the best seed to soil contact and consistent planting depths is necessary to achieve the consistently uniform emergence that we are all looking for.



Berny Sohm

Corn Product & Agronomy Services Manager