What hybrids to consider?

It’s no secret trying to make a profit farming is tough. Maybe even tougher this year than in the past few years. I can relate to growers trying to cut costs where ever they can. I have had countless conversations with producers wondering and asking about moving to lower traited corn options. Can I get by with above ground only trait packages? Does conventional corn yield with the traited corn hybrids I am planting now? The list goes on. Well…. the real world answer is yes, but it doesn’t come as easy as one thinks or remembers.


A couple of things to keep in mind when going to lower traited hybrids: If you are going to an above ground only option do you have the means to use a soil applied insecticide? What is the insect history on the fields you are planning on planting with this/these hybrids? What is your crop rotation? i.e. maybe corn-on-corn isn’t a good option?  


What about conventional corn? Very good, high yielding hybrids are being bred for conventional use, no doubt there, but are you ready for what conventional corn entails? Many growers have not planted a conventional hybrid for many years. I would agree that we have a great herbicide portfolio in corn to control weeds without the use of herbicide resistant traits, but my worry is on the insect management component. When was the last time you have scouted for corn borer? Earworm? Etc… Do you have the means to spray an insecticide/fungicide over tasseled corn? Have you budgeted the funds to do so? The list of insects we gain control of with herbicide traits is staggering, after all isn’t that why we were SO excited when they first came out?  


I am the last guy to tell a producer what he should or shouldn’t do on his/her farm.   In my mind we, at Prairie Brand, are more of a guide to help you make the best decision on what will work best for you in your operation. We are only a phone call away!


Any questions, please ask your Prairie Brand DSM or agronomist!


Jared Johnson

Western Region Agronomist