Take control of weeds like never before

Don’t let tough weeds keep you from reaching your full yield potential. Take advantage of the very latest trait technology that enables easy-to-use, exceptional weed control with Enlist Duo® herbicide. Enlist traits add tolerance to new 2,4-D choline, building on the glyphosate system, and offer additional tolerance to glufosinate in soybeans (available soon).

Prairie Brand's 2018 Enlist™ corn lineup

Product Maturity Traits Agronomist's Take
2807 78 - 79 pwe

High-yielding, early flower allows for good northern movement; good ear flex and late-season intactness. Performs best on rotated ground.

882 88 - 89 rr, err

A medium-tall plant with a semi-determinate ear that dries down well; it likes the higher populations and does well in no-till.

5127 100 - 101 conv, sxra, pwe

A consistent performer with strong agronomic package, including: stalks, roots, emergence and late-season intactness; top-end yield in 98-102 RM.

5236 101 - 102 rr, pwe

Taller plant with medium ear placement; strong yield potential at lower populations with stable performance in high-yield environments.

5458 104 - 105 pwe

Medium-height, semi-flex ear; good drought tolerance and root strength. Performs best at medium populations on your more productive soils.

5406 104 - 105 pwe

Strong all-around performer; good stalk and root strength, good vigor and high resistance to NLB and anthracnose. Great for corn-on-corn and no-till.

5646 106 - 107 rr, conv, pwe

A tall plant with medium ear placement. Widely adapted, with a western preference and great northern movement; great in high-yield environments.

6056 109 - 110 rr, conv, pwra, pwe

Widely adapted hybrid with a western bias and strong drought tolerance; long, semi-flex ear has excellent tip-fill and grain quality.

5908 109 - 110 sxra, sxe

Consistent east-to-west performer with very strong stalks and roots; semi-flex ear offers a wide range of acceptable populations.

R7443 114 - 115 rr, pwra, pwe

With its superior ear flex, this multi-year top-yield hybrid really delivers on your most productive acres. A great option for irrigated soils.

Elite hybrids to build your program around, hand-selected by Prairie Brand's agronomy team
5825 108 - 109 rr, sxra, err, sxe

Outstanding multi-year performance; ideal disease package for corn-on-corn; excellent heavy-soil performer with good northern movement.

R3334 112 - 113 rr, conv, pwra, err

Top-end yield potential in moderate- to high-yield environments; consistent ears with good late-season intactness. Avoid poorly-drained soils.

6394 113 - 114 sxra, sxe

Consistent ear set and durability under stress both contribute to top yield performance; plant at higher populations for best performance.

  • SXRA - SmartStax® Refuge Advanced®
  • PWE - PowerCore® Enlist
  • ERR - Enlist Roundup Ready®;
  • CONV - Conventional
  • PWRA - PowerCore® Refuge Advanced®
  • SXE - SmartStax® Enlist
  • RR - Roundup Ready® Corn 2

Enlist™ weed control system grower experiences

Prairie Brand farmer Steve Bireline, Iowa, participated in a stewarded introduction to preview the Enlist weed control system last season. Hear what he has to say about his experience.

Steve Bireline, Prairie Brand Seed dealer and Iowa grower

“A product with the genetics to produce the yield you want, plus a herbicide package like Enlist? Sold! It’s a value that could have almost no limit to it.”

– Steve Bireline

Iowa grower Steve Bireline was impressed with the overall effectiveness of the Enlist system, as well as the ease of application of Enlist Duo herbicide: “It was easy to handle, very easy to apply [and] it laid down right where I put it.”

The agronomist’s take on the Enlist™ system

The diverse, experienced group of agronomists that make up the Prairie Brand team is passionate about the industry and their company’s products. They’re not shy about sharing their thoughts, either. As you might imagine, they’ve got some insights to share about the Enlist weed control system.


“We can stack PowerCore—that we know does a great job on controlling pests—and Enlist—which we know does great with those hard-to-control weeds—that’s a package for growing your bottom line.”

– Berny Sohm
Lead Agronomist

“Yes, Enlist Duo is 2,4-D, but it’s not the 2,4-D of old…in fact, it’s so different from its predecessor. They’ve almost eliminated the volatility, the drift and the smell characteristics of 2,4-D the ag community has used in the past. Colex-D technology is what makes this all possible.”

– Jared Johnson
Western Region Agronomist

“I’m excited about Prairie Brand offering the Enlist system. It’s the total package—it’s going to make a farmer’s life a whole lot easier, and it’s going to take some of the risk away from it.”

– Steve Bireline

“Enlist Duo impressed me in many ways: it’s efficient, simple and very effective.”

– Steve Bireline

A whole new level of weed control

Enlist™ traits

Advancing herbicide and trait technology

Resistant and hard-to-control weeds pose a growing challenge for modern farming. The Enlist weed control system builds on the glyphosate and glufosinate systems to advance herbicide and trait technology—taking weed control to a whole new level.

*Avaliable Soon

Enlist Duo® herbicide

Twice as tough on problem weeds

Only Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D™ technology combines the proven performance of a new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate. The result: unrivaled weed control designed to land and stay on target.

Enlist™ Ahead management system

Get the most from the Enlist™ system

The Enlist Ahead management resource will help you get the best results from the Enlist system—today and for the future. From management recommendations to technology advancements, Enlist Ahead is designed to help growers make on-target applications and responsibly manage resistance in the field.

Enlist Ahead offers growers benefits such as the Enlist Ahead app to plan herbicide applications and prevent resistance.

Key weeds controlled

Advantages of Enlist Duo® herbicide

Enlist Duo® herbicide New Dicamba
as required by product labels**
Susceptible crops Cannot apply if wind is blowing toward a susceptible crop (soybeans without the Enlist™ trait are NOT a
susceptible crop)
Cannot apply if wind is blowing toward a susceptible crop (soybeans without the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® trait
ARE a susceptible crop)
Sensitive areas 30-foot downwind buffer 110-foot or 220-foot downwind buffer depending on use rate
Application Window
Soybeans No later than R2 Through R1
Application Advantages
Tank cleanout going into glyphosate-tolerant corn Single-rinse Triple-rinse
Tank cleaning going into other crops Triple-rinse Triple-rinse
Tank cleaner required No Yes
*XtendiMax® herbicide, Engenia™ herbicide
**Check state regulations for buffer requirements in your state.

Ready to take your weed control to the next level?

Talk to your Prairie Brand Seed representative today about the EnlistTM weed control system:


Berny Sohm, Agronomy Services Manager, Corn Product Manager
Mike Carr, Soybean Product Manager, Northern Iowa Agronomist
Jared Johnson, Western Regional Agronomist
Mark Johnson, Iowa Regional Agronomist

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