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If you want the inside track on ideas that can truly make a difference in your corn and soybean harvest, we hope you’ll join the Progressive Yield Initiative— one more way Prairie Brand is bringing innovative thinking to your fields.

At Prairie Brand Seeds we pride ourselves in listening and interacting with our customers. We as a team want to find new ideas and validate different ways to bring value to our growers, the Progressive Yield Initiative does just that. The Progressive Yield Initiative is our way of putting our growers’ questions, industry trends, and what our agronomists see to the test. The purpose of these research trials is to explore more ways that we can make our growers more profitable. At Prairie Brand Seeds we want to be your resource to help you maximize your yield.

Every bushel increase is a boost to the bottom line and a sign we’re on the right track.

Many trials are currently underway, including ones on:

  • Strip tillage
  • Fungicide timing
  • Emergence
  • Cover crops
  • Aerial imagery
  • Multiple comprehensive population studies
  • Root treatments done side-by-side
  • High-management demo
  • Nematicide use on soybeans
  • Root architecture hybrid
  • Soybean treatment demo study

To join us, just complete the fields to the left.